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Shanghai Biba Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.It is lifting the electrical industry leader, especially in supporting the electrical field sets and lifting in industrial wireless remote control, waterproof button box, industrial electrical many achievements. Biba in a serious, sincere attitude to provide our customers with the best products and professional and efficient service, in order to create greater value.

Headquartered in Shanghai, the company set up another Henan, Shandong and other major offices, sales network throughout the country. Through years of efforts and leadership of all employees, the company has thousands of long-term stability of customers, with annual sales of up to tens of millions, reputation in the industry. With the development of the industry, market demand, in 2010 the company set up R & D department will vigorously develop new products to meet market demand, contribute to the prosperity and development-based industry.

Our company is Germany nbb control unit AG distributor and specially designated agents in China lifting the industry's other industries, is responsible for Germany nbb industrial wireless remote control in China in the sales, technical support and after-sales service.

At the same time, our company is Italian Jie Washi pendant, Taiwan Alpha, Yu Ding, Apollo (Cupid), and other industrial wireless remote control specially designated agents, wholesale sales over the relevant brand and other industrial remote control and related accessories.

Our company has a strong technical team can provide cranes, design and installation of the wireless remote control transformation project plan of construction machinery and special equipment. Our company has been successfully applied to various types of lifting machinery and transport equipment, such as a bridge crane, gantry crane, loading cranes, cement truck, construction machinery, winch, crusher in practice German nbb industrial wireless remote control, waste rolling machines, construction machinery, shield and so on.

In addition, the Division I start early in 2000 to double girder overhead crane industry and electric hoist for a long application understanding, for which the status quo developed JxCa / IN3 double girder bridge inverter system and type JxCD-II hoist inverter system and apply it to our customers, in up to 5 years of customer tracking service, we developed a system to effectively solve a series of problems, received the praise of users.

Biba adhere to specialization, scale, brand, groups, international mode of operation, and strive to become the mainstay of the industry. The company has a lean, unity, high-quality staff team, fully exudes positive active, high-spirited vigor and vitality, is the company's valuable human resources and wealth.

Biba's aim is: first-class product, first-class service, to create greater value for our customers.


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