Product name:PL08K

Italy origin GIOVENZANA pendant PL08K 

Model selection:

Model         Description                                          Weight(g)

PL08K/D      E.M.STOP+Start/Alarm+6 single-speed push button           830

PL08K/S      E.M.STOP+Start/Alarm+6 double-speed push button           860

PL08K/S+B    E.M.STOP+Start/Alarm+6 double-speed push button           890

              (with NC contacts)

PL08K/F1     E.M.STOP+Start/Alarm+4 single-speed push button+           920

              2 double-speed push button

PL08K/F2     E.M.STOP+Start/Alarm+4 single-speed push button+           920

              2 double-speed push button

Structure components:

1.The casing is molded from ABS engineering plastic and the indication sign on the push button will be laser.

2.Strong abrasive resistance,large capacity of the contacts and long service life;

3.3 pairs of contacts can be arbitrarily assembled on each button,with strong flexibility;

4.There will be line pressing device in casing to avoid loose connection;

5.There will be thread wiper device inside and easy to wiring and installation;

6.Overall open and overall stop both with self-locking,need rotary reset;

7.Each button with single speed or double speed,and the double speed button is the featured products of G.G.

8.Especially suitable for the cranes which are frequency control.

Technical specifications:


2)Protection class:IP65 and follow EN60529

3)Operating temperature:-25℃-+70℃,follow IEC68-2-27

4)Storage temperature:-40℃-+70℃

5)Products from 2 holes to 14 holes,diameter Φ22 mm,single row or double row

6)Cable protection part:From Φ8-Φ17mm for P03,from Φ8-Φ24mm for PL and PLB

7)Mechanical life:1 million times

8)Products with characteristic mechanical interlock structure

Electrical characteristics for contacts of the push button:

1)Voltage:16A(4) 380V,apply to CEI-EN6094-5-1

2)Maximum withstand voltage 690V,apply to ICE947-5-1



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